About Us

 We're the Muggle & Maligator Family Enterprise of Snowzi Craft Co!
We started this adventure to develop and share safe, healthy scented candles and wax melt options. All items are made to order & cured with ❤️ love in our high altitude, Colorado studio!

How we got our start...
We credit the entire concept of Snowzi Craft Co's launch to Big Bang Theory's Dr. Sheldon Cooper! A lazy Saturday bing watching spree led us to series 5, episode 2 - Sheldon asks Leonard if his tapered candles for his "dinfast date," are soy-based. Sheldon then (as Sheldon does...) enlightens Leonard of the harm from paraffin candles via carcinogens they may contain. Leonard promptly blows out the lit candles, since lung cancer wasn't the ambiance he was going for.

So, as fellow geeks... we promptly started researching the benefits of soy candles, versus the harm of paraffin. Then like the DIYers we are - embarked on a new, craft adventure. We quickly learned, there really is a science to candle making! We set sail on several months of white board theories, trial & error. Soon - we were happy with our final product and launched our first site June 2016.

Who are the Muggles & Maligators?
An Arizona sun devil meets a faithful Wyoming Dutchman in Colorado.
Haddie - the lead artisan, owner and geek... with a background in business ownership & entrepreneurship - with, of course, a passion for crafts; from full wall murals to DIY projects, galore.  
Joined in brainstorming and ultimate sniff approval by my super supportive hubby, Michael. 
Our inspectors also include furkids - Zona (our mascot) & Thor, our Belgian Malinois' who thoroughly inspect all incoming supplies and outgoing orders.

A tiny, messy start from our kitchen... after 6 months of our dinner tasting like our fragrances - we've relocated and moved into our new High Altitude Studio here in Colorado Springs, CO.

What else lights our fire?

Our primary vision when we launched this business - was to get to a point of stability where we can further help support other causes. We were so very excited & humbled to announce that as of November 1, 2016 we are able to launch our next season in business: Charitable Causes!

Partial proceeds on all sales (excluding wholesale) are paid on all orders starting November 1, 2016 to one of 6 charities. Each month - the charity will rotate; donation will be made from Snowzi Craft Co directly to the charitable cause. The donation will be sent within 7 business days from the calendar end date of the prior month.

All are causes that are near and dear to us!
Check them out on our charity page - Take some time to further research them!